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We welcome any child (boy or girl) from P3 upwards.  All coaches are volunteers and are SRU trained to foundation level or adult level 1 or 2.  In addition all Youth Coaches have been screened by Disclosure Scotland and we have adopted the SRU Youth Coaching Guidelines.

We attained our Positive Coaching Accreditation in 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What do I need to bring?

 A: Players must come with adequate equipment to cope with the likely weather conditions. This includes hats, gloves, waterproof top and tracksuit bottoms, they will not enjoy their rugby, may get injured and may be put off the game if they are inadequately prepared for the cold and wet winter days.  We also sell replica playing tops and team shorts and socks in the club.

 Q: Does it cost me anything?

A: We charge £15 a year for a Youth Membership. For insurance purposes all children must be registered with the club and are required to fill out a form with important information e.g. Emergency Contact, Health issues etc. The children may purchase drinks/crisps/sweets after training is over from the bar area in the clubhouse

Severe Weather

From time to time, weather may dictate whether we train or not. In the event of severe cold or wet weather, we request that parents speak to a coach before leaving their child at the clubhouse


We all hope that no player gets hurt. If, unfortunately they do, first aid will be administered at the site and parents/carers notified. If, in the opinion of the first aid provider the child needs hospital treatment, appropriate arrangements will be made. If a parent/carer is unavailable, the Club will ensure the child is accompanied and the parent/carer notified as soon as possible.

Games (Home & Away)

In between training we play friendly matches against other teams in the Highlands and Argyll. We rely on the support of parents/guardians with travel arrangements and hope that you would be willing to help transport some of the children from time to time.

Please contact Youth Convenor Stevie McAleer if you require further information 01397 705993



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